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Answers to common questions

You may have several questions regarding our service.

We have tried to cover some of the most common issues on this page, but please call and speak to an engineer who will be able to advise you more specifically for your own personal requirements.

Oil tanks fail for a variety of reasons

You should remember that with a steel tank corrosion is present both inside and outside the tank. Condensation forms inside the tank, and will sink to the bottom starting the corrosion process. The steel thickness and quality of tanks vary enormously. Even though you may paint your tank, there are places you may not be able to reach, such as where the tank is resting on the piers, or a surface is up against a wall.

Why is it important to use a business such as Eastholme Tanks?

Eastholme Tanks are specialists in replacement commercial and domestic fuel tanks. We carry the right equipment to carry out the work

quickly & efficiently, usually completing the job in a single visit.

Does my oil tank need to be empty?


No. We always carry a pump out tank on our vehicle. We use this to transfer your oil into while we remove your old tank and fit your new tank.

How long does it take to change my tank?

Normally, an installation can be done within 3 to 4 hours. However, every job is different. This is the reason every enquiry has a full site survey undertaken so that there are no 'nasty surprises' on the day. Also your heating only need to be off for the shortest possible time. We usually like to give your boiler a run before we leave.

What do I do with my old rusty tank?

Nothing! We always remove your old tank and have a tidy up before we leave.

What is a bunded tank, and should I have one?

A bunded tank, or an integrally bunded tank is quite simply a tank inside a tank. This offers double protection for the environment from your oil. In certain circumstances it is a requirement that you should have a bunded tank. If you are a business (commercial). or the tank is near a watercourse, regulations state that your tank should be bunded.  

Can my tank be moved to a new position?


Usually, YES !! . We often find that our customers can have their tank in a new position and also with the variety of sizes and styles available you could increase your oil capacity without losing any noticeable space in your garden. And of course..... That rusty eyesore will be gone for good !! There are regulations in place that must be taken into account when positioning an oil tank.

All Oil Tanks should be inspected periodically to make sure that they remain in serviceable condition.

Don't leave it too late and lose your oil.

Call us now for advice and a free quotation.

If you have any other questions , please use our contact page or for immediate attention call now

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